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The SF Equine Range is a complete range of NZ Made horse feeds, tailored to the diverse needs of every stage of equine life. With the expertise of our nutritionists, we take the guess work out of feeding your horse by including a full range of vitamins and minerals in the feeds, minimising the need for other dietary supplementation. In addition to this specialised range, premium NZ grains such as oats, barley and rolled barley are available. 

supa horse feed

Our Products

Supa Mare.png
Supa Shine.png

All the extra care your broodmare needs in a highly palatable, premium blend th...

After a maintenance feed for your horse that never fails to deliver? Supa Shine is...

Supa Sport (1).png

Our winning formula for results on the track, in the arena, on the hunt, in the ring...

Supa Kool.png


A balanced formulation, high in fibre and low in energy for horse and ponies in ligh...

Related Products

Supa Oats.png

A premium source of fiber for your horses diet, NZ grown GE Free oats...

Supa Barley, barley, ge free barley nz, nz barley

Looking to add a little extra to your horse's diet? Our premium NZ Barley...

Supa rolled barley, rolled barley, nz barley

A more digestible for of our premium NZ barley, this is rolled in-house...


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