Premium Supplementary Feed for Non-Working Spelling Race, Eventing and Pleasure Horses

Supa Shine is a recipe that was developed as a maintenance feed for our former family horses, but we want to share it with you. It is another one of our signature high quality feeds containing a full range of major minerals, trace mineral and vitamins. This means that other supplementation is reduced significantly.

Ingredients Selected From:

Oats, Barley, Maize, DDG, Salt, Chaff, Bran, Copra, Molasses, Vegetable Oil, Calcium, Vitamins + Minerals

Typical Analysis

Horse DE 3.569mcal/kg

Horse DE 14.909 MJ/kg

Fat/Oil 5.782%

C Fibre 6.017%

C Protein 12.49%

Lysine 0.229%

Meth+CYS 0.265%

ASH 4.416%

Magnesium 0.232%

Calcium 0.803%

TOT Phos 0.480%

Salt 1.108%

Sodium 0.305%

Chloride 0.585%

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Supa Shine, Maintenance Horse Feed

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