Tried, Proven, Proving. Our Calf Range here at Supa Feeds continues to bring our farmers fantastic results, year in and year out. The secret behind this success? Our unique textured blend of natural, premium ingredients. With the ultimate starter and finisher meal in our Calf Range, we have your calving season covered! And as for your older boviune friends, we have all they need too, especially when your pasture is struggling due to the long summers or wet winters. 

Supa 20 - 20% protein calf starter, ultimate calf starter, best calf meal, textured calf meal
Supa 16 - 16% protein calf meal, best calf mel, calf finisher, texturd calf meal
Supa Dairy Beef - dairy feed, feed fr topping up replacements, feed for adding conditions to dairy and beef cattle

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