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Farming and a close tie with animals is in our DNA here at Supa Feeds – you could say this is where it all started. Sheep, horses, cows, pigs, chooks, dogs: we’ve had them all. Supa Feeds by North Country Grains evolved out of the search for feed for these farm and family animals and we want to share these quality blends with New Zealanders.


Where it all started...

With the growing need to diversify a family business and prime farmland at hand, the first maize crop was planted in the late 80s on land that is still used for cropping today. Maize was harvested by the cob and stored in cribs until dry, then shelled an sold as Whole Maize at a rural store in the Far North.  

Fast-forward a few years and the maize operation had grown considerably so a new harvester was sourced, with combine capabilities and the storage system was updated. Further diversification came in the year 2000, where our founder installed 2 of our first silos and a grain elevator that still stands today.

Then by chance, a stockfeed mixing plant came up for sale. After years of searching for high quality feed for the farm and family animals, our founder realised the search was over. He could create his own animal feed. So North Country Grains Ltd was born.

Armed with the experience of caring for animals over the decades, aided with the expertise of qualified nutritionist and driven by the passion of creating high quality feeds for the family and farm animals, the first of our recipes were created. Since then, we have never looked back.

Supa Feeds Simply the Best (4).png

The decision that North Country Grains needed a refresh came about unconsciously – as the company grew and the range expanded, it became obvious to the team that with the ambitious plans for the future, there needed to be a change.

So Supa Feeds by North Country Grains was born.

and now...

And now, to match this reputation, we felt it was only fitting to rebrand with a logo that reflected the brand we have become – leading, passionate, trusted: just simply the best.


From these humble beginnings, Supa Feeds has evolved into so much more than a brand – it is about the people, it is about the customer relationships, it is about the quality, it is about the results.

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