Premium Supplementary Feed for Broodmares

Here at Supa Feeds, we understand the extra care your broodmare needs, and based on this understanding, Supa Mare was created as our supplementary feed for broodmares. It is another one of our high-quality mixes including all the essential sources of energy and nutrients that your resting horse needs. By including a full range of vitamins and minerals in this feed, the need for other dietary supplementation is reduced.

Supa Mar, Broodmare feed

Ingredients Selected From:

Oats, Barley, Maize, DDG, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Bran, Chaff, Copra, Soya Bean, Calcium, Salt, Vitamins + Minerals.

Typical Analysis

Horse DE 3.594mcal/kg

Horse DE 15.027 MJ/kg

Fat/Oil 3.227%

C Fibre 4.854%

C Protein 11.491%

Lysine 0.327%

Meth+CYS 0.330%

ASH 5.188%

Magnesium 0.224%

Calcium 0.935%

TOT Phos 0.496%

Salt 0.825%

Sodium 0.178%

Chloride 0.510%

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