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The SF Poultry Range Explained.

The SF Poultry Range contains a wide variety of complete feeds, meeting the diverse needs of health, growth and production of chicks, pullets and hens. Starting with a premium chick crumble, this range ensures a brilliant start for your poultry. Building on this are our layer feeds - from GE Free, to free-flowing to one of the most renowned layer feeds, Supa Poultry/Chook.

Find out how each feed in this range differentiates from each other:

Our premium chick crumble contains all the essential amino acids and high levels of energy and protein for good early growth - a complete feed to provide everything your small feathered friends need for Simply the Best start to life.

The original and founding feed of the SF Poultry Range, a premium complete layer feed, a natural blend of quality ingredients to meet the health, growth and production needs of laying poultry.

This blend has been added to the range, after sensing the need for a GE Free option. This is also a complete layer feed but contains alternate plant protein to ensure it is GE Free.

A new addition to the range and is similar to Supa Poultry/Chook but does not contain molasses or as near as much fines. This means it is ideal for automatic feeders.

Interested in trying a couple of samples from the SF Poultry Range?

Visit our online store to score one for just $4.99 including freight!


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