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Fresh Is Best: NZ Made, Wholesome Natural Ingredients, Freshly Manufactured

Does it seem strange to you that with the emphasis on wholesome, natural and fresh wholefoods, local produce, and the move away from highly processed foods within our own diets, that these pillars of health don’t appear to apply to your pet and animal feeds?


It has, perhaps unconsciously, become the universal normal that fillers, preservatives, flavouring, colours, chemicals and heavy processing are acceptable and have a place within the modern-day pet & animal diet.


But we are want to let you know that it doesn’t have to be this way. As one of our founding core values, we believe that Fresh Is Best. This is simply because we believe in offering the most natural, wholesome product possible, fresh from our solar-powered manufacturing plant. 

NZ Grown Maize, Harvested at SF HQ

Did you know the SF Range is 100% Made, Manufactured and Owned, right here in NZ? With the range based on in-house grown maize, we combine this with some of NZ's best ingredients and showcase these in our textured (not pelletized) feeds. We place extra emphasis on the natural, keeping our recipes simple and steering away from any artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.


Supa Feeds stock levels are kept to a minimum: fresh batches of product are made close on a daily basis. This ensures that we are doing everything from our end to get fresh product onto your shelves. And in our books, fresher products equals premium standard and a higher nutritional value.

Freshly Manufactured, Ready for Same Day Dispatch


But in the effort to keep our products close to the natural, unprocessed form as possible, we do have to compromise. And that is on our shelf life, which is a maximum of 6 weeks shelf life from date of manufacturing, which reduces to more like 4 weeks in the hotter months, where increased temperatures and higher humidity can cause havoc with our natural products.Therefore, we recommend: 1) only purchasing what you would use in a 4 week span, and 2) ensuring that it is stored correctly – in a cool, dry space, out of any direct sunlight or any potential heat sources or moisture. Bonus points for storing it in an airtight container!


Supa Feeds is a constantly expanding range of animal and pet feeds, destined to bring you results like you and your animals have never experienced.


Are you interested in experiencing the difference?

And by 'the difference', we mean NZ Made, wholesome natural ingredients, freshly made with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives...

Fresh Is Best.

The SF Difference: NZ Made, Wholesome Natural Ingredients, Freshly Manufactured


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