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FAQ | When should I transition my chicks from Supa Chick to a SF Layer Feed?

It is important to meet the nutritional requirements that change as your little chicks, ducklings, goslings or quail chicks grow into your fundamental poultry flock.

Typically, we recommend feeding Supa Chick up to 12 weeks. With great protein levels, Supa Chick provides your chicks with the energy to match their rapid growth. From 12 weeks, you should begin incorporating a layer feed along with a supplementary feeds such as Supa Assorted Grains into the Supa Chick to gradually transition your poultry to being solely on the layer feed, two weeks prior to laying, which is typically around 18 weeks. This ensures that your chooks have the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed from point of lay such as Calcium, Vitamin D³, Phosphorous, Zinc and Magnesium.

As a recommendation, your timeline of transition would look something like this:

0-12 weeks: Supa Chick

12-18 weeks: Supa Chick/SF Supplementary Feeds/SF Layer Feed

18 weeks+: SF Layer Feed

With a number of layer feeds in the SF Poultry Range, here are a few tips to help you decide which one is best suited to your flock!

Supa Chook, best chook food nz

The textured, naturally-focused feed that your chooks deserve! This is one of Supa Feeds most renowned products. As a complete feed, this contains all the nutrients necessary for top quality egg production.

GE Free Poultry Layer NZ

This was a more recent addition to the SF Poultry Range after we identified the growing need for a GE Free chook food in New Zealand. With no compromise on quality and results, a alternative protein source is utilised to ensure this feed is free of any genetically modified ingredients.

Supa Free Range Layer

This is a brand new addition to the range. With no molasses and less fines in this blend, it is ideal for those of you with automatic feeders.

All of our blends are textured, showcasing premium New Zealand ingredients and ensuring you can see exactly what you are feeding your poultry!


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