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Supa Sport Sample

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Premium Feed For Your Working Horse
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Premium Feed for Your Working Horse Sample Pack FREIGHT FREE!

NZ MADE, Naturally-focused, Textured: On the hunt, on the track, in the arena, in the ring? Supa Sport is a balanced formulation that meets the energy and protein needs for peak performance from any calibre of sport or working horse.

Ingredients: Oats, Barley, Maize, DDG, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Molasses, Soya Bean, Bran. Chaff, Copra, Vitamins + Minerals. See bag for feeding recommendations.

Typical Analysis:

Horse DE: 3.580mcal/kg

Horse DE: 14.950 MJ/kg

Fat/Oil: 6.677%

C Fibre: 6.768%

C Protein: 12.112%

Lysine: 0.405%

Meth+CYS: 0.367%

ASH: 4.874%

Magnesium: 0.209%

Calcium: 0.803%

TOT Phos: 0.474%

Salt: 1.061%

Sodium: 0.323%

Chloride: 0.619%

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