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Supa Chick Sample

Premium Chick Starter Mash.
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Product Details

Premium Chick Starter Mash Sample Pack FREIGHT FREE !

NZ MADE, Naturally-focused, Textured: Supa Chick is a premium high protein chick starter mash that ensures any of your chicks including quail, wild birds and meat birds have the best possible start to life to build up to a strong and healthy point of lay.

Ingredients: Maize, Barley, Wheat, Oats, Peas, SOya Meal, DDG, Molasses, Salts, Lucerne Chaff, Vegetable Oils, Oaten Chaff, Cotton Seed Meal, Minerals + Vitamins, Betonite, Lime Flour.

Typical Analysis:

ME: 14MJ/kg

Protein: 21%

Fat Min: 4.6%

Fibre Min: 4.1%

Calcium: 0.5%

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