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Elite Endurance Nuggets

For Peak Performance From Your Working Dog
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Product Details

Elite Endurance is a balanced formula providing key nutrients for peak performance from your working dog. With the ultimate blend of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, this formula equips your working dog with the energy, endurance and fitness needed to do the job, while also supporting muscle recovery and joint health. As an elite endurance athlete, it is important that your working dog is fueled with sustainable energy and Elite Endurance meets this requirement and more.

- No Artificial Colours

- No Artificial Flavours

- No Artificial Preservatives

- Biscuit for quick and easy feeding

- Available in 8kg and 18kg

Ingredients Selected From: Grass-fed NZ Beef, Maize, Rice, Tallow, Blood Meal, Spray Dried Blood, Flax Seed Meal, Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Oregano, Agrimos, Kelp, Garlic, Rosemary, Salt, Added Vitamins and Chelated Minerals.

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