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SF Calf Rearing Advice

Our Calf Range here at Supa Feeds continues to bring our farmers fantastic results, year in and year out. And with hundreds of calves reared on site each year, we are with you through the highs and lows of every calving season.

"With today’s calves being tomorrows replacers, the main goal is to convert your calves from purely milk fed to a functional ruminant as soon as possible."

Here's a few SF tips to ensure an effective and efficient transition to a fully functional ruminant.


Offer calf meal from day one – while the calves will only eat very little, the important thing is to introduce and encourage them to eat solid feed. A few fresh handfuls daily for the first few days will be sufficient, until you notice their consumption increasing.


Ensure you are feeding a quality palm-kernel-free, grain based meal to get you calves off to the best start. Meals that are textured and palatable are superior as this encourages saliva production and rumination, both of which play integral parts in the overall role of the rumen. Using Supa Feeds calf meals, you are assured of the highest quality, digestible and palatable form of protein and starch.

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It is important to offer fresh palatable feed to ensure effective uptake and intake. Calf meal should arrive smelling fresh and palatable to the calves. Always offer fresh feed daily. After consumption has increased, feed 1-2kg a day on low milk systems.


Always ensure clean fresh water is available and easily accessible. A lack of water will inhibit dry-feed intake and rumen development while also increasing the chance of digestive upsets and sickness as the microbes TRANSITIONING

Make it easy for your calves to transition between a 20% meal and a 16% meal with similar blends.

Using Supa Feeds calf meals, you are assured of an easy transition through to weaning from milk. in the rumen require water to survive and function effectively.


Shelter is paramount and is particularly beneficial in the unfavourable weather conditions of the spring calving season. Always ensure bedding is as dry and clean as possible.


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