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Supa Licks: Trace Element + Mineral Block 18kg

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Product Details

A block suitable for all livestock – sheep, cattle horses, goats and deer. This block contains great levels of trace elements as well as calcium phosphorous for improved growth.

Typical Analysis

Cobalt 60mg/kg

Copper 650mg/kg

Iodine 50mg/kg

Iron 650mg/kg

Manganese 650mg/kg

Selenium 30mg/kg

Zinc 1300mg/kg

Calcium 45g/kg

Phosphorous 20g/kg

Molasses 60g/kg

Sulphur 20g/kg

Salt 685g/kg

Feeding Rate:

Sheep, goats + deer – one block per 60 head per 30 days

Cattle + horses – one block per 20 head per 30 days

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