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Supa Licks: Green Feed 18kg

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Product Details

A block suitable for sheep or cattle, specifically formulated for the supplementation of trace elements and major minerals, designed for short, lush feed. This block aids in reducing scouring, improved feed utilisation and better production.

Typical Analysis

Copper 325mg/kg

Zinc 2200mg/kg

Cobalt 110mg/kg

Selenium 53mg/kg

Manganese 1144mg/kg

Iron 309mg/kg

Calcium 9.5%

Phosphorus 3%

Sulphur 2%

Bentonite 9%

Magnesium 3%

Iodine 75mg/kg

Feeding Rate:

Sheep – one block per 50 head per 14 days

Cattle – one block per 16 head per 14 days

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